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Uhm I prob should tell my mum this.
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I’m taking the long why home, cause I don’t wanna be wasting my time alone.
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I didn’t know anything better to do for Ashton’s birthday!  Our man’s 20 today! Love ya x
(just missed the pony t-shirt)
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thanks music.
"Se non vivi una vita al servizio di un bene più grande, devi almeno morire una morte al servizio di un bene più grande, non credi?
E io ho paura che non mi toccherà né una vita né una morte che significhi qualcosa."
Augustus Waters - Colpa delle Stelle 
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at the end philosophy is more useful than what I thought.
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fit them well
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that’s it mom.
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Love’s fun.
daughteroftiredghosts: Omg your blog is amazing !!!! Could you maybe check out mine? I'm trying to become a tumblr girl and I think your reblog and likes would really help, sorry if this bothers you. Jaleeah Kadijah oxox

omg thank you very much! You’re really kind! Anyway I’ll check and give you a hand :) x

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write your playlist here, use < p> (no space) to start a new line
hi, updates go here, use < p> (no space) to start a new line ok yay! also, if you have a bunch of extra space you don't want or need more space, you can message me and i'll help!